Pople Software provides custom designed software solutions for grant-making institutions and eCommerce businesses of all sizes. We recognize that no organization has the same mission or serves the same constituency; therefore, our team of experts take a comprehensive and consultative approach to creating a suite of data, reporting, and marketing resources that will help your organization achieve its mission. Moreover, our services and approach are designed to improve efficiency and communication both within your organization and externally with your constituents.

Pople Software began somewhat organically. In 2013, founder George Pople was contracted to work with a philanthropic foundation to help integrate their existing software with the Fluxx Grants Management. They identified a number of issues they were experiencing, and Pople created a secondary local database mirroring the data that was stored in the cloud-based system. The foundation could then to choose what to store locally to avoid storage limitations with Fluxx. This data was then used to run previous reports, as well as any new reports that they had created.

Pople continued his relationship with that foundation and created solutions for the secondary database and reports. Once he established himself as a trusted consultant, they contracted him to integrate their accounting database with Fluxx. He also completed WebLogic server configurations and other system tasks. Finally, he created a website for the foundation that integrated information from the secondary database to allow external users the ability to search the types of grants given, who grants were given to, and any other information the foundation wanted to display on the website.

Word of mouth and personal recommendations expanded Pople’s team of experts and client base, challenging him to create additional system solutions to meet a wide variety of needs. Pople Software is currently expanding its reporting and eCommerce solutions services.